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I'm Monica, the founder and the person behind The Lovely Things, a slow fashion and eco-conscious vegan brand based in London, UK. 

Some years ago, I decided to make a change in my life for personal reasons by adopting a vegan lifestyle. During the transition, I realised it's not always easy to find ethical and cruelty-free accessories in the UK as many of the ethical businesses were based abroad. Inspired by all the amazing ethical brands, I decided to create my own brand that offers timeless and easy to wear cruelty-free accessories in the UK.


Handbags and wallets are items that most people use daily, and carrying a cruelty-free piece is a reminder that we can choose kindness everyday.

I care about the environment as well as animal welfare, and therefore over the years I have experimented with various sustainable and cruelty-free materials to reduce our impact on the environment. Since 2020, the brand has been focusing on using innovative and sustainable plant-based leather alternatives which lead to far less waste than animal leather or plastic based leather alternatives, meaning less landfill waste, less energy consumption and less impact on the environment. Furthermore, we have gradually switched to handmade and made-to-order to avoid over production and to reduce waste.

Currently all our items are produced in house in SE London and majority of our items are made to order.

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